Hello, my name is Harry Otto and I will be your guide and photography instructor during the Leiden Photography Tour.

I have graduated from the Royal Art Academy in the Hague (The Netherlands) as a photographic designer and busy now in a mixture of arts, photography and teaching.

As a very experienced professional artist-photographer and teacher working in Leiden, I will help you to sharpen your photographic eye, develop your technical skills and to stimulate your creativity!  

( See some of my personal work here: www.harryotto.nl )

During the Leiden Photography Tour, we will explore the creative world of photography together.  I hope to inspire and educate you while instilling new photographic techniques into your repertoire.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Starting point is in front of Old School Leiden. http://www.oldschoolleiden.nl/

A great place to have a coffee break and enjoy local arts, books and films!

BOOK your place and INFO!  Or call: +31638053787


Harry Otto Photographer